Our most valuable asset is our employees. The purpose of our safety program is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. It is our goal with every reasonable effort to achieve an accident free and healthy workplace environment. Safe practices are a shared responsibility between the employer and employees at all levels of our organization.

Southern Industrial Service is a member of many of the major safety inspection and accountability services in the Industrial construction market, including CognaBox, ISA, and Browz. Southern Industrial Service shall adhere to all applicable standards and regulations issued by local, state, and federal governments pertaining to the construction and contracting industries. Any unsafe conditions shall be reported and corrected under the guidelines of the law and the set programs that are written in our safety manual. Immediate attention will be given to any foreseeable unsafe conditions that may occur which would prevent an incident from happening. We participate in the Tennessee Drug-free Workplace Program. Promoting a drug-free culture helps reduce the potential for accidents on the jobsite and at home. All employees receive annual drug-free workplace training to promote a healthy lifestyle. Training is a vital part of our successful safety program.